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Born and raised in Starkville, MS. Irwin received a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering from Mississippi State University in 1991. He obtained his Masters from the University of Central Florida in Modeling & Simulation. He is currently working on his PhD in Psychology from the University of Central Florida. Irwin currently works for the US Army Research Laboratory as a Science and Technology Manager. However, BASKETBALL is his passion! Teaching and training players how to physically and mentally play the game is what he does best.

Irwin began training in 1995 and officially incorporated OrlandoHoops, Inc. in 1999. The company was founded on the principles of hard-work, dedication and a willingness to do whatever it takes to improve talent and skill of each and every participant. Whether he’s coaching, counseling, teaching, or leading a training session, Irwin’s passion and knowledge shines through whenever he is on the court. For the past 20 years, Irwin has been making players better in Orlando, the state of Florida, and all across the world (including Brazil, Greece, Russia, France and Canada).

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