The Professors have a Point(3) to Prove

The Guinness World Record for the most NBA 3-Pointers (shots) in basketball made in one minute WAS 25. This record was set by Daniel Loriaux at Club Sport Oregon in Tigard, Oregon, USA, on 9 May 2007.Well, as of September 23rd, 2013 Professor G from OHoops Training raised the bar to 27.

The Professors are Professional Basketball Trainers out of Orlando, Florida. These guys train the likes of Houston Rocket’s rising superstar Chandler Parsons, two time National Champion Taurean Green (now plays professional basketball in Europe) Nick Calathes, who was just signed by the Memphis Grizzlies and many more pro and college level athletes.

Recently, the OHoops Professors kicked off their Official YouTube campaign, challenging the world to #BeatTheProfessors. Every month they release a new video challenge and accept any and all submissions from ball players worldwide attempting to keep up. The winners will be invited to Orlando, Florida in August 2014 for free training and to compete in a 5 v 5 game, #TheChallengers vs. #TheProfessors. They are out to prove they are the best in the business at what they do. To emphasize this point, they have set their sights on breaking not just one, but SEVERAL world records.


Meet two of #TheProfessors

Professor G For the past 8 years, Gerrod Trytten has dedicated his life to enhancing skills and abilities of basketball players all over the state of Florida. Professor G has a true passion for improving player skills and developing mental toughness. He has a bachelor’s degree in Sports Management from the University of Central Florida, specializing in coaching, personal training, and human performance. Currently the Chief Operating Officer for OHoops Training, he still finds time to work on his game on a daily basis and has the mindset that he can never lose. This is the type of confidence that OHoops builds and is the reason that Professor G won’t leave the gym until records are broken. Professor Rickey Rickey Claitt has been training with OHoops since he was in 6th grade. Currently The Lab Manager and Lead Trainer for OHoops, Professor Rickey has lived the OHoops Lifestyle and is now helping other athletes do the same. He won a State Championship in high school, started two years for Oregon State and played 3 years overseas in Denmark and Germany. This guy is so good that even watching him demonstrate drills to a client is exciting to watch. When Professor Rickey laces up his sneakers, you know it’s time for business, and he never leaves a job unfinished. Guinness and their basketball records are in some serious jeopardy.

The Point 3 Advantage

Oh, and just when you were beginning to feel that the world record book had no chance, the Professors have another advantage. Call it unfair, but they utilize The World’s Best Basketball Shorts from Point 3 for all their world record breaking attempts! They are the lightest, most comfortable and most innovative pair of basketball shorts ever to be released. Just when the Professors hands start to get sweaty, the special moisture control hip panels conveniently located outside the pocket, will allow them to dry their hands in .3 seconds before breaking what ever world record they have their sights set on. Follow @OHoopsTraining and @Point3Hoops on Twitter to have access to all the record-breaking videos as soon as they are released.

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