Welcome to "The LAB"

Here’s where stars are born, created and perfected. Our basketball training facility is hand-skilled and crafted by the professors of modern day basketball. Individual and group training has never been so effective. Since we believe that hard-work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard, we make sure that everyone loves working hard in “theLAB.”

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Trinity Preparatory School
5700 Trinity Prep Lane
Winter Park, FL 32792


  • Official size basketball goals
  • Main basket offers high school, college and NBA lines
  • Over 50 official size leather basketballs (Mens and Womens)
  • Two balcony seating areas for an over-head viewing of the court
  • Four cable-ready TV’s available for non-player entertainment
  • Padding along beams for protection
  • Cones, Hurdles and Ladder for footwork and agility drills
  • Automated Shooting Machine (The GUN) offering multiple aspects of shooting and passing
  • Taraflex floor – Safe on joints, great for all aspects of game play


Weight Room

  • Exercise balls for core workouts and improving balance
  • Free-weights, bench press, leg press, lat pull
  • Bands, Ropes and Pads for resistance training, muscle enhancement and growth
  • Rubber flooring ply-ometrics
  • VertiMax: World’s leading athletic training device improving overall athletic performance


Media Center

  • Comfortable thirty-three seat arena
  • State of the art projection system that offers blue-ray, cable, stereo system and gaming options
  • Digital-Dolby-Surround Sound throughout
  • Male/Female Restroom accommodations




The Professors Corner

  • Fully equipped office space for counseling and game preparation
  • Video Camera System – Our 16-camera HD video surveillance system allows us to see and record every angle, both inside and outside, of our facility.

Outdoor Track

  • Quarter-mile walk/jogging track around facility

Our Training Facility

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