Get Started!

Orlando Hoops is here for all of your basketball needs. We specialize in multiple areas of training for all skill levels. Our well rounded and experienced staff will greet you and get you ready to work hard on your game to become a stronger, more skilled, advanced player. Here at OHoops, we pride ourselves on helping you reach your goals both on and off the court by instilling discipline, focus, hard work and a positive mindset. So if you are ready to train with Orlando’s premiere basketball training facility, here is how you get started:

Monthly Group Class Options

Start training; elevate your game with weekly group classes. Classes are for all skill levels.

  • Fundamental Intense
  • Middle School Intense
  • Middle School Advanced
  • High School Advanced
  • College/Pro

Groups are $20 per session.  We also offer Group Packages at a discounted rate.  Contact us to find out more!

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