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OrlandoHoops is here for all of your basketball needs. We specialize in multiple areas of training for all skill levels. Our well rounded and experienced staff will greet you and get you ready to work hard on your game to become a stronger, more skilled, advanced player. Here at OHoops, we pride ourselves on helping you reach your goals both on and off the court by instilling discipline, focus, hard work and a positive mindset. When you are ready to train with Orlando’s premiere basketball training facility, here is how you get started:

Each player starts with a 30 minute full workout evaluation.  Our trainers will go through a series of drills to assess your overall game and determine what will be the best path moving forward.

Private Lesson Training

Private lessons are perfect for taking your game to the next level. Get one-on-one detailed instruction from our Professional Skill Development Trainers.

  • 30 min session
  • 1 hour session

We also offer Private Training Packages at a discounted rate.  Contact us to find out more!

Specialized Private Training

Take your training to the next level with OHoops specialized training courses. Tailored specifically by our trainers to perfectly fit your needs, these classes will allow you to build strength, speed, coordination, balance, stamina, and so much more. Every top athlete needs to have a training regimen and Orlando Hoops prides itself on being a one stop shop for all your basketball and performance needs. Our specialized training courses include:

  • Vertical Jump Training – OHoops Vertical Jump Training includes multiple methods and exercises to maximize your vertical.  This program utilizes our Vertimax, plyoboxes, weight vests, resistance bands and more. This training will make you more explosive, increase hang time, develop proper jumping techniques, footwork and increase your overall athleticism.
  • Speed & Agility Training – OHoops offers innovative and proven techniques to make you quicker, faster and more explosive. We utilize resistance training, increase the strength of fast twitch muscles, offer a variety of reaction drills and so much more to make you harder to guard on the court.

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