Get Started!

Orlando Hoops is here for all of your basketball needs. We specialize in multiple areas of training for all skill levels. Our well rounded and experienced staff will greet you and get you ready to work hard on your game to become a stronger, more skilled, advanced player. Here at OHoops, we pride ourselves on helping you reach your goals both on and off the court by instilling discipline, focus, hard work and a positive mindset. So if you are ready to train with Orlando’s premiere basketball training facility, here is how you get started:

Intense, Detailed Skill Training

OHoops offers teams the ability to train at the Lab, or we’ll come to you! Get your players and/or teammates the most intense, detailed skill training around. Perfect for the off-season, winter break or just to change it up, OHoops Team Training will benefit your team and provide coaches with new and innovative drills to utilize long after our team leaves the gym.

Highlight/Workout Videos

OHoops offers the training you need and the resources necessary to help you achieve your goals.  Whether you are looking to play at the collegiate or professional level (or you just want to put together a sick mixtape on your YouTube channel) we can provide you with what you need. You can either have a stationary camera tape your entire workout or have someone personally follow you through different drills from different angles and turn it into your very own Official Mixtape.

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